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Climate and Energy Campaigner, MARAISBUTTON AND ASSOCIATES, Johannesburg

Strategic planning and execution of Energy campaign project work.
Effective engagement with key stakeholders, including government, business, media and civil society and coordination of campaign work.
Effective campaign implementation, Political lobbying, media work and

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | climate | energy | water | sanitation
RegionSouthern Africa | South Africa

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Company LogoProgram Associate, One Acre Fund, Nairobi

Rapid organization growth translates into great career opportunities for our staff. We invest heavily in careers - we want to develop our next group of country directors, R&D directors, and partnership leaders.

In their first year, our program associates lead 3-5 internal consulting projects, such as:
Impact innovation: A program associate recently designed a new harvest storage product and farmer training, and tried it with a few hundred farmers. The trial demonstrated an increase in harvest profits by more than 10%. Next year, we expect to sell this product to over 40,000 farmers.
Growth innovation: A staffer recently designed a new viral marketing initiative. She identified our best and most enthusiastic farmers, and turned them into volunteer "replication agents" who are empowered to recruit new groups of farmers. Our staff person designed the trial protocols, trained 10 field staff to test the idea, and observed the trial in-field, resulting in 25% higher client enrollment. We are now rolling this out across more than 200 field sites.
Operations rotation: In addition to internal consulting projects, program associates also spend time paired with a regular "operating unit," which has 50+ staff. This is an opportunity to observe how regular operations work, while also building leadership skills by mentoring a larger number of staff.

In their second year, our strongest performers take leadership over a relatively independent pilot within the One Acre Fund network, while earning a significant and sustainable salary increase. Examples include:
Burundi: One Acre Fund plans to launch one new country per year, for the next five years. A program manager moved to Burundi early in 2011 to direct field operations for an initial 400-farmer pilot. Six months later, that pilot is now being quadrupled in size and is our newest country launch.
Farmers United: One of our program managers piloted an innovative trial in a new area of Kenya. This trial helps farmers to save up for farm inputs over time, in addition to taking loans, and has high potential to scale rapidly. Over two years, he has created a field organization of 80 staff from scratch. His organization, called "Farmers United," cooperates closely with our existing field units, but also operates with a high degree of independence within the One Acre Fund umbrella.

Categoryrural & economic development | climate | energy | water | sanitation | science | research | conservation | fundraising | marketing | public relations | proposals | administration | support services | logistics | programme monitoring & evaluation | agriculture | food security | animal husbandry
RegionEast Africa | Kenya | Tanzania | Ethiopia | Malawi

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Company LogoProgramme Manager, EMEA Recruitment, Geneva

Our Multi-national non-for-profit client are seeking a Programme Manager who will be responsible for identifying and managing part of the portfolio of projects and investments. The Portfolio aims at catalysing change in the perceptions and systems around how learning occurs globally.

As a Programme Manager you will work with project managers to jointly devise clear project plans, timelines and deliverables on all major projects. You closely work with the Research & Learning team to develop sound monitoring and evaluation base for each project and programme. As well as identifying and managing grant agreements and you will also work with our clients Communication & Engagement team to ensure effective dissemination of the impact achieved in projects and programmes.

CategoryNGO management | services to NGO | programme monitoring & evaluation | fundraising | marketing | public relations | proposals | consultancy
RegionEurope | Switzerland

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Senior Project Director, Wildlife Conservation Society, Maputo

About the position:
This position will lead the WCS program in Niassa National Reserve (NNR) in northern Mozambique, in close cooperation with our co-management partner, the Government of Mozambique (GoM), through the Reserve Warden. The Project Director also takes on the responsibilities of the Niassa Reserve Manager, effectively the COO of NNR. Together, the Warden and the Project Director/Reserve Manager must lead a dynamic team to implement strategies and plans to secure NNR for the long term, and ensure the sustainable use of the Reserve's natural resources.

CategoryNGO management | services to NGO | programme monitoring & evaluation
RegionSouthern Africa | Mozambique

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Company LogoGrant Manager, One Acre Fund, Nairobi

One Acre Fund is on a rapid growth trajectory - we plan to reach 500,000 farm families by 2017, and at least one million by the end of the decade. To make that happen, we will need to raise an ambitious level of funds. To help our development department operate smoothly and effectively, we need a highly capable and highly motivated grants administrator/writer to manage the financial and administrative aspects of reporting and compliance with our top foundation and bilateral grants/contracts. The position will work alongside our program and operations staff to ensure full compliance with these awards.

CategoryNGO management | services to NGO | fundraising | marketing | public relations | proposals
RegionEast Africa | Kenya

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Company LogoProject Manager in Mozambique, SolidarMed, Maputo


SolidarMed is a leading non-profit organization working to improve the health of people in rural Sub Saharan Africa. Working together with National partners to strengthen health systems and community capacities, we are committed to scientific evidence and policy dialogue both as foundations and objectives of our work.

CategoryNGO management | services to NGO
RegionSouthern Africa | Mozambique

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Company LogoWebsite Officer, Forest Stewardship Council, Germany

The Website Officer is responsible for updating the content of FSC's multiple websites, such as or related satellite sites.

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | protected areas | national parks | forestry management
RegionEurope | Germany

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Company LogoTechnical Advisor in Zambia, SolidarMed, Lusaka

SolidarMed offers an exciting opportunity to work closely with CCHS in Lusaka, Zambia. For this key position we are looking for an experienced professional with strong management skills, and an academic background in medical sciences and/or public health.

Categoryeducation & training | health | humanitarian | capacity building | technical education | health | doctors | nurses | HIV | family planning
RegionSouthern Africa | Zambia

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Company LogoProgram Coordinator or Adviser in Central Africa, RFN, Oslo

We are looking for one and possibly two experienced Program Coordinators / Advisers to our program "Rights-based rainforest protection in the Congo Basin", mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Program Coordinator(s) / Adviser(s) will be based in our office in Oslo, Norway, work in a department of 4 people and be responsible for results and achievements within the program.

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | government policy | good governance | climate | energy | water | sanitation | protected areas | national parks | forestry management | good governance | democracy | anti-corruption | policy | government | justice reform | programme monitoring & evaluation
RegionEurope | Norway

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Company LogoAssociated Director for Educational Programs, Coady International Institute, Antigonish

The Coady International Institute Coady seeks an Associate Director of Education Programs who will work closely with the Director and other staff to coordinate, develop and ensure the quality of its rapidly growing educational programs. The Associate Director will also have an opportunity for teaching or other direct involvement in program activities, and, as a member of the Management Team, will contribute to the overall strategic development of the Institute.

This is a full-time permanent position located at the Coady International Institute on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, with potential for travel within North America and overseas.

Categoryeducation & training | teachers & lecturers for school or tertiary education
RegionNorth America | Canada

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