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Community Development in the Caribbean and Latin America, Richmond Vale, Buenos Aires

Study and volunteer to be a Climate activist

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | climate | energy | water | sanitation
RegionSouth America | Ecuador | Argentina | Colombia

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Company LogoScience Writer, CIFOR, Bogor

The Senior Science Writer and Producer will work across a range of mediums and topics to turn out compelling, innovative and high-quality communications materials designed to help translate CIFOR's high-caliber research into meaningful, real-world impact.

Already known for its innovation, ambition and reach, CIFOR's communications program is looking to develop and use world-class, cutting-edge science communications to inform policy globally, regionally and nationally in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We have the funding and passion to achieve this bold vision, along with the infrastructure, technical and regional communications experts, and desire to experiment.

What we need now is a dynamic, creative and self-directed Senior Science Writer and Producer to take the freedom and resources we offer and make it happen - whether it involves traveling to the field with a multimedia crew to produce packages, conceptualizing an animated infographic, writing a speech for a head of state, or finessing a factsheet.

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | climate | energy | water | sanitation | protected areas | national parks | forestry management | science | research | conservation
RegionOceania | Indonesia

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Train to become a climate activist, Richmond Vale, Colombia

Eco Volunteer in the Caribbean!

Start 1st of November, March and July. 3 places!

Study and Teach about Global Warming and Climate Change. Plant Trees. Organic Farming. Prevent Pollution.

Categoryenvironment | nature conservation | science | climate | energy | water | sanitation
RegionSouth America | Colombia

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Company LogoAfrica Programs Director for Kenya, Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V., Nairobi

Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope is a Christian inter-denominational human rights and relief organization. The focus of its work is the world-wide assistance for people in distress.

Sign of Hope pleads for people whose human rights are violated or threatened. Sign of Hope provides humanitarian assistance in form of disaster relief, emergency relief and development cooperation for people in need.

Sign of Hope aims at establishing a union between people who give and people who receive, a bridge the foundation of which is humanity, charity and solidarity. Sign of Hope provides help for the indigent and grants people who are ready to help the very opportunity to do so.

We are looking for a dynamic team player agreeing with Sign of Hope´s basic beliefs and values who will fill the following key position

Categoryhealth | humanitarian | poverty | hunger | housing | homelessness | human rights | gender | children | minority rights
RegionEast Africa | Kenya
Closing Date22 Aug 2014

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Company LogoMedical Coordinator, Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V., Rumbek

SIGN OF HOPE is a Christian inter-denominational human rights and relief organization. Helping those in distress is the focus of our work across the world. One of the main tasks is to carry out emergency relief worldwide as well as to link relief, rehabilitation and development measures.
In South Sudan Sign of Hope is running two comprehensive and Basic Health Care Programs and Nutrition Programs in close cooperation with local partners (ROSS, and Dioceses of Rumbek). A strong focus is laid on building the capacity of local health staff as well as improving the knowledge and self-help capacity of the communities.

The goal of the South Sudan mission is to address humanitarian crises within South Sudan while increasing capacity of local structures to deliver effective and quality health care services.

Categoryhealth | humanitarian | health | doctors | nurses | HIV | family planning
RegionCentral Africa | South Sudan
Closing Date30 Aug 2014

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Company LogoProgram Teaching Staff, Coady International Institute, Antigonish

As a specialist in the field, the successful candidate will play a key teaching role in on and off-campus programs, lead new curriculum development and action research, and help to coordinate and build this area of work in Canada and internationally.

The Institute is in the process of strengthening its work on promoting accountable democracies. How citizens make their voices heard through innovative advocacy, accountability and peacebuilding strategies that influence governments and other institutions is a critical issue around the world. Citizen engagement, grounded in power analysis, is important in all of our programs.

Categoryeducation & training
RegionNorth America | Canada

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Company LogoClinician and Project Manager HIV, SolidarMed, Ancuabe

Main responsibility will be to support the District Health Directorate by performing specific tasks.

Categoryhealth | humanitarian | health | doctors | nurses | HIV | family planning
RegionSouthern Africa | Mozambique

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Company LogoAssociate Director Education Programs, Coady International Institute, Antigonish

The Coady Institute Coady seeks an Associate Director of Education Programs who will work closely with the Director and other staff to coordinate, develop and ensure the quality of its rapidly growing educational programs. The Associate Director will also have an opportunity for teaching or other direct involvement in program activities, and, as a member of the Management Team, will contribute to the overall strategic development of the Institute.

This is a full-time permanent position located at the Coady International Institute on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, with potential for travel within North America and overseas

Categoryeducation & training | capacity building | technical education
RegionNorth America | Canada

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Company LogoCenter co-Directors Needed to Help Children, International Humanity Foundation, Nairobi

If you're looking for a long-term volunteering opportunity, the International Humanity Foundation is offering you the chance to help in our children's home.

IHF is a non-profit organization that has established the centers in various locations, including Kenya, Thailand, and Indonesia. Thus, with all three locations combined, the International Humanity Foundation has many opportunities for help. Each center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. At the center, you will divide your time between caring for the children and working on international tasks. Excellent time management skills are necessary, and it is the opportunity of the volunteer to commit to the program for a 1-year minimum stay in order to become a director. We are looking for applicants preferably with: a related university degree, experience abroad; travel, working or volunteering,1-2 years of working experience in any field, experience with teaching and/or children, and fluency in English (both written and spoken is essential). Those interested in volunteering at an IHF center are required to complete a level of pre-trip duties in order to gain an understanding of how our organization functions.

Categoryeducation & training
RegionEast Africa | Kenya

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Company LogoProgramme Manager, EMEA Recruitment, Geneva

Our client, The LEGO Foundation, are seeking a Programme Manager who will be responsible for identifying and managing part of the portfolio of projects and investments. The Portfolio aims at catalysing change in the perceptions and systems around how learning occurs globally.

As a Programme Manager you will work with project managers to jointly devise clear project plans, timelines and deliverables on all major projects. You closely work with the Research & Learning team to develop sound monitoring and evaluation base for each project and programme. As well as identifying and managing grant agreements and you will also work with The LEGO Foundation's Communication & Engagement team to ensure effective dissemination of the impact achieved in projects and programmes.

CategoryNGO management | services to NGO | programme monitoring & evaluation
RegionEurope | Switzerland

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